WJXT produces documentary about Bahamas


WJXT Channel 4 was expected to air a special presentation Tuesday called "96 Hours of Anguish."

The news documentary is a raw, real and graphic look at the destruction in the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian, which struck the islands starting Sept. 1.

WJXT reporter Vic Micolucci and photojournalist Jesse Hanson spent four days, or 96 hours, on the ground and in the air covering the disaster from the hardest-hit areas.

The team documented the devastation, search and rescue operations and the relief effort.

The eye-opening film features Bahamians who are struggling to survive and Florida-based volunteer operations that brought life-sustaining supplies into the hard-to-access islands.

“We covered unimaginable destruction and pain,” Micolucci said. “We witnessed heartbreak and smelled death, but we also saw unbelievable generosity and resiliency. Sometimes the worst scenarios can bring out the best in humanity.”

Micolucci and Executive Producer Jodi Mohrmann and senior editor Mike Jones spent more than a week combing through hours of footage to accurately and honestly show the situation in the decimated towns.

The hour-long film features stories of survival and the plans to rebuild the islands.