Graham Media Group announces podcast division


Today, Graham Media Group announced the launch of its podcast division, which is uniquely positioned to offer compelling and original audio content.

"We are excited to partner with our seven TV stations and other producers to bring captivating stories to new audiences," said Catherine Badalamente, Graham Media Group’s Vice President of Digital Media. "This allows us to use our community connections to give listeners more of the stories we know they love."

First to launch is “Mismatch,” a series produced in partnership with WDIV-Local 4 in Detroit. “Mismatch” explores stories about the incompatible, the unsuitable and the out-of-step. The series is hosted and written by veteran TV journalist Roger Weber. It was also produced and edited by Zak Rosen, a Detroit-based audio producer who has worked with NPR, the BBC, Michigan Radio, WDET, Gimlet, Panoply and his own wife on their podcast, “Pregnant Pause with Zak and Shira.”

“Roger is one of the all-time great storytellers," Badalamente said. "For more than 40 years, he’s been skillful at telling the big stories with honesty and heart."

“Mismatch” explores things in life that just don’t fit. Square pegs in the round holes of relationships, culture and history. First-season listeners will hear about the unlikely romance of an automotive heir and a telephone operator, and how their honeymoon ended in tragedy; President Richard Nixon and Baseball Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson coming together for a Detroit television program; a commercial jingle songwriter who is asked to write about one of the darkest chapters in history; a successful restaurant forced to change its name after people called it offensive; and how a remote island in Lake Superior faces an ecological mismatch.

“Podcasts flex different creative muscles for broadcasters and I’m thoroughly enjoying the freedom and intimacy of taking an old art form and bringing it to new technology,” Weber said. “Our stories are compelling, comical and, at times, inspiring.”

The first two episodes are released today with weekly release of each of the remaining six episodes. All will be available for download on, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and wherever podcasts can be downloaded.

“Our stations are the voices of our communities and full of smart and engaging storytellers,” said Emily Barr, President and CEO of Graham Media Group. “Podcasts are a natural extension of what we are really good at doing. Graham Media Group has some great podcasts in the hopper. We are excited to share them.”